EJN Awareness

Creating a bookmark to the EJN website

As part of the EJN awareness raising, the Secretariat created a short manual explaining how in the currently most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) bookmarks to the EJN website can be generated. Bookmarks ensure a quick and easy access to the EJN website and its e-tools. The document was shortly presented during the 2018 National Correspondents Meeting and officially published during the 51 Plenary Meeting in Vienna.
» Read the bookmarks manual

EJN Awareness Policy

The Secretariat has produced a document aimed at structurally raising the awareness of the EJN and on how the network is benificiarry to legal practitioners in EU Member States and beyond. The latest version of this EJN Awareness Policy document is available in the Registry and through the link below.
» Read the EJN Awareness Policy document

EJN Videos

The Secretariat produced a video introducing the EJN website, focussing on the homepage and the tools linked to from there. Further videos, explaining in greater detail to Atlas, Library, Compendium and other tools will be produced shortly. The video can be seen on the page linked to below.
» View the EJN homepage introduction video.

It is possible to download the video in order to present it during meeting where no internet connection is available. The download link is provided on the page linked to above.

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