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The EJN website is an important reference for legal practitioners, it offers a range of tools that facilitate that process of international judicial cooperation, In this section you find information on these tools and how they can be used, on this page we will give a brief introduction.

Fiches Belges - investigative measures

The Fiches Belges form a set of investigative measures that EU Member States can ask each other assistance in. They include measures to hear witnesses or suspects, collect information, freeze assets, etc.. Ideally each measure is supported by each Member State, but in reality this is not always the case. In the Fiches Belges section of the EJN website you can check whether a certain measure is supported by a Member State, practical information on the issuing of a request and, if not supported, what alternative measures could be used.

Judicial Atlas

The judicial Atlas helps you to establish the competent authority for receiving a request for legal assistance. This will assure you your request is received immediately by the correct authority and it will prevent the requested Member State from having to forward your request internally to a different authority. All this leads to a timely execution of the request, as any delay might have far-reaching consequences, this is obviously very important!

Contact Points

Direct and informal contact is an important ingredient of the successful EJN formula. Though this site offers a wealth of information on international judicial cooperation, at times what you need is an expert to help you with your requests. EJN Contact Points are all legal practitioners themselves, with an intimate knowledge of their legal system. They can help you with your questions and give valuable information that will help you when drafting requests for mutual legal assistance or other requests for legal assistance.

Judicial Library

The Judicial Library offers a wealth of information on international judicial cooperation....

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