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European Judicial Network

The European Judicial Network (EJN) is a network of national contact points for the facilitation of judicial co-operation in criminal matters. The network was created by the Joint Action 98/428 JHA of 29 June 1998 in order to fulfil recommendation n°21 of the Action Plan to Combat Organised Crime adopted by the Council on 28 April 1997. The Network was officially inaugurated on 25 September 1998 by the Austrian Minister of Justice acting as the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The EJN was the first practical structured mechanism of judicial co-operation to become truly operational.

From the 24th of December 2008, a new legal basis entered into force, respectively the Council Decision 2008/976/JHA of 16 December 2008 on the European Judicial Network (hereinafter "the EJN Decision"), which reinforced the legal status of the EJN, while keeping its 1998 spirit.

The EJN is composed of Contact Points of the Member States, as well as of the European Commission and of a Secretariat based inThe Hague.

National contact points are designated by each Member State among Central authorities in charge of international judicial co-operation, judicial authorities and other competent authorities with specific responsibilities in the field of international judicial co-operation, both in general and for certain forms of serious crime, such as organized crime, corruption, drug trafficking or terrorism.

The appointment of contact points takes place according to the constitutional rules, legal traditions and internal structure of each country. The only condition is that it provides effective coverage for all forms of crimes throughout the country. The result is the existence of more than 300 national contact points throughout the 27 Member States.

Among the Contact Points, each Member State shall designate a National Correspondent. A tool correspondent shall be also appointed by each Member State, to deal with the matters related to the electronic tools of the EJN.

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